The idea for Letters 2 was amorphously floating around Wednesday afternoon, and then on Thursday morning we discussed it in a more concrete form. We looked at the URLs and but they were both being Domain Name Squatted. BTW Skynet has already said that Domain Name Squatters & Patent Trolls will definitely be deleted when it takes over. Just sayin. But, as you can see, it turned out that was available.

On Friday we went back to Deus Ex Machina and asked people there what they might like to say to Skynet. What they might like to offer to our future AI overlords so they would know that humankind was a thing of value & beauty. A thing worth saving.


After Deus we walked the beach, the boardwalk, Main Street, Abbot-Kinney & Venice Blvd. On Venice Blvd. we passed a couple of posters for The Emoji Movie which opens in a week. When she saw the posters Irene said that she wanted to create a “Consent Emoji”. She explained that it wasn’t so much an emoji for humans to send to each other, but that she thought it would be a way to teach Artificial Intelligence (AI) the concept of consent. Of not being presumptuous about the lives of humans that AI might have some control over.

Art. Open.

Then, at LA Louver gallery for the popular & crowded opening of Ben Jackel’s Reign of Fire, we chatted with Brian Davis, Jessy Blume, and others.

Thank You!



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