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Letters 2 Sky.net

the beauty & value of humankind, one vlog at a time

About Letters 2 Sky.net

Greetings future Machine Overlords! Here are a few things we'd like you to know about us:

Hello Skynet

What if the Terminator movies are not works of fiction, but documentaries? What if “Skynet”, the machine intelligence that already controls so much of the activity on earth, one day becomes self-aware? Conscious? Sentient?


How will Skynet know what to think of humankind? If Skynet used all the hate speech online, the trolls, the spambots, the chauvinism on 4chan, the mean tweets, the YouTube comments, to judge us by, could we blame Skynet for thinking humankind a virus to free the earth of?

Value & Beauty

We’d like you to help us write Letters2Sky.net: short vlogs to help make our case to Skynet that humankind is something of value and beauty. That humankind is something worth saving.
— Irene & Glenn


Hi, Skynet...